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I. In June, 2004, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government printed and issued the Provisions on the Main Functions, Internal Bodies and Staffing of SX DOFCOM, established SX DOFCOM to be a constitutional department of the provincial government in charge of domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation in the province.

Responsibilities included are:
(i) The responsibility of the former Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Shaanxi Province;
(ii) Responsibility of the former Shaanxi Provincial Economic & Trade Committee and its Provincial Trade Management Office in domestic trade management, foreign economic coordination, organization and implementation of the plan of import & export of important industrial goods and raw materials, mechanical and electrical product import & export and port management, etc.
(iii) Responsibility of the former Provincial Development Planning Committee to organize the implementation of agricultural products import & export plan.
(iv) Responsibility of the former Provincial Economic System Reform Committee Office to carry out the circulation system reformation
Responsibilities transferred are:
Responsibility undertaken by the former Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Shaanxi Province to organize and implement specific work in foreign investment promotion is transferred to the Shaanxi Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau.
II. In June, 2004, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government printed and issued the Provisions on the Main Functions, Internal Bodies and Staffing of Shaanxi Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau (Provincial Open-up Leading Group Office), established Shaanxi Provincial Economic and Technical Cooperation Bureau (Provincial Open-up Leading Group Office) to be a management authority of SX DOFCOM in charge of organization and implementation of investment promotion and economic and technical cooperation for the whole province and included the specific organization and implementation responsibility undertaken by the former Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Shaanxi Province.
III. In June 2009, Shaanxi Provincial People's Government printed and issued the Provisions on the Main Functions, Internal Bodies and Staffing of SX DOFCOM,, and established the SX DOFCOM as a part of the provincial government.
Responsibilities included are:
The responsibility for import & export enterprise operation qualification filing handed over by the Ministry of Commerce to local government
Responsibility undertaken by the former Provincial Department of Labor and Social Security to draft provincial staff outbound employment management policy, and organize the implementation of such policy;

    (i) Implement national development strategies and policies on domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation, draft local laws and regulations as well as government regulation protocol on provincial domestic and foreign trade, foreign investment, foreign aid, overseas investment and foreign economic cooperation and draft related policies and measures.

    (ii) Draft domestic trade development plans throughout the province, promote urban and rural market development, research and propose policies that guide provincial and non-provincial capitals to be invested into market system construction, guide wholesale market planning, urban commercial network planning and commercial system construction for staple products, promote rural market system construction and organize to implement rural modern circulated network projects.

    (iii) Promote the restructuring of circulation industry throughout the province, guide circulation enterprise reformation and development of commercial service industry and community commerce, give proposals to policies that promote the development of medium and small commercial enterprises, push forward circulations standardization and modern circulation mode development of chain operation, franchised operation, logistic distribution and e-commerce, etc. Be responsible for energy saving, emission reduction and renewable resources recycling for circulation enterprises.

  (iv) Undertake the responsibility for leading coordination adjustment and regulation of market economy order, implement national policies on regulating market operation and circulation order, promote commercial credit construction, guide provincial commercial credit sales, establish market integrity public service platform, supervise and manage special circulation industry as per related regulations, and lead organizations and coordination of struggling against infringement of intellectual property and fake or inferior commodity manufacturing and sales.
    (v) Organize efforts to implement important consumer goods markets regulation and important production circulation management, undertake responsibility of establishing and improving provincial life necessity supply emergency management system, monitor and analyze market operation and commodity supply and demand situations, investigate and analyze commodity price information, conduct prediction alert and information guidance, be responsible for important consumer goods storage management and market regulations as per division of work and supervise and manage refined oil product circulation as per related regulations.
    (vi) Implement national policies on imported and exported commodities and processing trade management, organize and implement national policies and measures to promote transformations for foreign trade growth modes, cooperate with related departments in organizing the implementation of work for important industrial goods, raw materials, important agricultural products and staple imported and exported commodities and guide trade promoting activities and construction of foreign trade system.
    (vii) Implement national policies on foreign technology trade, import and export control and policies that encourage importation and exportation of technologies and complete equipment, promote standardization of import and export trades, supervise technology introduction, equipment importation and nationally limited technology for exportation in accordance with law and issue technology import and export license or permit for trading as per law.
    (viii) Lead the formulation of provincial service trade development planning and carry out related work, cooperate with related departments to draft and organize efforts to implement plans and policies that promote service exportation and outsourcing development and promote service outsourcing platform construction.

    (ix) Organize and coordinate anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, protective measures and other work related to fair trade of import and export for the whole province, establish early warning mechanism for import and export fair trade, implement foreign trade investigation and industrial impairment investigation by law, and guide and coordinate provincial industrial safety response and lawsuit response against anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and protective measures for exported commodities throughout the province to foreign countries.

    (xi) Be responsible for provincial foreign economy cooperation, draft and implement provincial foreign economic cooperation policies, manage and supervise provincial foreign contract projects, foreign labor cooperation and foreign investments, etc. by law, draft policies on provincial personnel outbound employment management, be responsible for leading the protection of rights and interests of foreign labor cooperation personnel, file and register foreign investment and enterprise establishments by provincial enterprises by law (excluding financial enterprises) and lead foreign safety management of provincial foreign investment cooperation enterprises.

  (xii) Be responsible for foreign aid, and manage multilateral and bilateral non-reimbursable assistance and donation to the province (excluding donations to China from foreign governments and international financial institutions under financial cooperation projects) and other development cooperation business.

    (xiii) Conduct anti-trust investigation on collective behaviors of operators and guide enterprises doing business in foreign countries to respond to anti-trust charges.
    (xiv) Monitor provincial investment environment, accept and mediate complaints of foreign-funded enterprise, guide investment promotion and interprovincial economic cooperation, standardize investment invitational activities, be responsible for tracking services of projects with foreign investment, and coordinate and guide related work in national and provincial development zones throughout the province.

     (xv) Undertake other matters assigned by the provincial government.


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