Xi'an is again on the list of happiest cities
Xi'an is again on the list of happiest cities
Date: 2019-12-13

Xi'an is again on the list of happiest cities

Xi'an ranks the top 4 in the list in 2019.

It's the eighth year in a row that Xi'an has won this award.
The top ten cities in 2019 are Chengdu, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Tongchuan and Xuzhou.
"City happiness" refers to citizens' sense of identity, belonging, stability and satisfaction towards their city
And the yearning and praise of the outside people.
With the theme of "Magnificent 70 years, new era of happiness", this list focuses on the achievements of people-centered cities and high-quality development.
There is a kind of happiness in Xi'an called livability.
Excavate the street space of "walking, reading and temperature".
Get through the last mile of people's travel.
Now Xi'an is carrying out reform with unprecedented determination and strength.
After the renovation of the old community, the buildings are clean and tidy, and the ground is also added with green facilities.
The lights are on, the road is level, there are many trees, and the cables hanging in the air are on the ground.
Xi'an is building a warm city and striving to improve the living environment of citizens.
Let everyone live a happy and livable life.
There is a kind of happiness called "15 minutes convenient leisure circle".
Enjoy the beauty of the park.
65 new green square pocket parks will be built, 40 old green squares will be upgraded, and 3 theme parks will be newly constructed.
Citizens take their children to stroll in Qujiangchi Heritage Park.
There is a kind of happiness called "cultural nourishment".
The music in the major music blocks spreads the innovation of the city.
Reading becomes a popular activity among people.
Xi'an is a city of museum.
The number of museum ranks top of China.
Xi'an vigorously develops cultural creativity, digital publishing, animation games, E-sports and other industries.
The 29th National Book Trade Fair, E-sports competition, outdoor performance of Symphony Orchestra under the Dayan Pagoda.
This is the power of Xi'an
There is a kind of happiness called "peace".
In the first half of the year, the satisfaction of public security in Xi'an City reached a new high of 97.3%.
The net famous roly-poly dancer is an icon of Xi'an.
According to the list of "the safest tourist countries and cities in 2019", China has been selected as the safest tourist country.
Xi'an is ranked in the top 10 of the list, the only city on the list in Northwest.
The light show in Datang night town.
The safe system protects people.
Social security is getting better and better.
This peaceful city card is more beautiful.
There is a kind of happiness called "there are more schools at home".
On October 10, the Education Conference opened a new journey of education reform and development in Xi'an.
In the next three years, 430 kindergartens in primary and secondary schools will be built, rebuilt and expanded, with an increase of 389500 degrees.
There is a kind of happiness called "do a good job of disease prevention at home".
A series of medical reform measures have been applied, "let data run more, let the masses run less".
The 22 cities' on-line APP and public account have been implemented without registration, registration, payment, inspection, hospitalization and so on.
Family doctors come to the community to check the health of residents.
48 medical and health institutions were added.
Building a "15 minutes medical circle" in urban communities.
People's sense of happiness is growing day by day.
Looking at this brilliant list, everyone in Xi'an is very proud.
We see the good shining thing everywhere in Xi'an.
Which makes us believe our life will be better in the future.